Book Review by Martin Stolworthy

Understanding and Using The Stereomicroscope by Lewis Woolnough. Published by the Quekett Microscopical Club. Available from Savona Books, 400 Seawall Lane, Haven Sands, North Coates, N.E. Lincolnshire, DN36 5XE. Price £6.00 plus p&p. (£5.00 plus p&p to Q.M.C. Members)

This paperback book contains 88 pages, with full colour pictures and some line drawings, on every other page. The text is clear throughout and the diagrams are fully explained.

The contents are divided in different colour coded sections with the colours clearly defined on the bottom of each page.

Section one offers the complete beginner an insight of the basic set-up and examples of things to look at.

Section two takes a look at the General Principles used in microscopy and Section three, a detailed look at how the microscope works.

Sections four, five and six look at the Stereomicroscopes Features, Lighting and  Setting Up.

Page 83 has a list of useful references and further reading.

Throughout the book there are sections of ‘Try This’ where the reader can put into use the suggestions being made.

The mathematical equation for the minimum resolved distance, with a Compound Microscope, was difficult for me to grasp, but did not detract from my overall impression of the book

Although the book is suitable for the absolute beginner, it would be a useful guide for the more advanced amateur, and the professional using a stereomicroscope in their work

The full colour pictures, of various makes of microscopes, makes this publication a very useful guide to anyone wishing to start an interest in microscopy and with the price of only £6.00, very affordable.