Note from Roy Starkey
International Micromounters Journal
Hello everyone,

Attached you will find the latest issue of the International Micromounter’s Journal (IMJ) , Volume 15, Number 3 and 4.  The file is in a digital format (.pdf). To read the file, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded at no cost via the Internet from .

We have decided to combine numbers 3 and 4 of volume 15 so that we can make a fresh start with volume 16 in 2009. This issue contains an editorial discussion on the future direction of the IMJ, and in particular, the editors’ thoughts regarding the purpose of this newsletter in this “era of instantaneous communication”.  This is followed by an article by Don Howard on the Minerals of Summit Rock, Oregon, which includes an update on recent discoveries and new data for minerals at this locality.  Summit Rock has been a prolific source of micro material for many years and specimens can probably be found in collections around the world. The issue concludes with the first of a three-part discussion on the advantages of Mineral Optics Studies to micromounters by Tim Rose and Mike Kokinos.


John Clinkenbeard, Secretary/ Treasurer IFMS and IMJ Co-Editor

Note from Philippe Saget

Dear Micromounter

The internet is a wonderful canvas to lessen the distance and even time. Indeed, there are fifteen years we needed at least 8 days to  send a list of exchanges across the world, 8 days for a response and 15 days for his package of micro-minerals. At that time, the addresses  of micro-mounters were very difficult to find Today we have the mailing lists, the specialized web sites. Thus, communication systems are spreading.

Therefore, I propose to build the international network of micro-mounters leaving us your details and photto create the first directory of micro-mounters on the Internet :

We will not create a directory with addresses (directory of the Mineralogical Society of Baltimore) but an Internet directory with  your photo and your city to locate the members on a google map.Your photo is completely necessary because it allows to know us more seas and continents. We can thus put a face to all our correspondents.

Send us:
First Name
Photo (300 px wide)

Philippe Saget
Ifremer - Département Géosciences Marines
BP70 - 29280 Plouzané
Tél: 02 98 22 42 46
fax: 02 98 22 45 70
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